The Laughing Frog

The Science of Yoga, the Humor and Adventure of Life

The Laughing Frog was created to explore the Science of Yoga and the Humor and Adventure of Life.  We are all here trying to make a go at this thing called life, why not make it a little more fun and adventurous for ourselves and the human beings around us who too are trying to make a go at it? The frog is also a symbol that represents the Warriors of our freedom, the Navy SEALS, to whom we all owe a great deal.

Frogs are funny little creatures, you cannot help but smile when you see them.  I want to pick it up and show someone when I do...immediately!  
So goes yoga.  I wish everyone could feel the subtle effects that yoga has to offer.  I'm not talking about the pretzel positions (AKA Asanas), although they can be inspirational to look at, I'm talking about the hidden spark of energy you feel when you pay attention to the experience that you get when you are 100% present and tuned into your body awareness.  
This is not the hocus-pocus of voodoo or a rush of spirituality, it is just a sense that you are truly in the here and now.

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